Field Malaria Courses in Tanzania

9. Dezember 2021

14th March to 8th April 2022, Bagamoyo and Zanzibar, Tanzania. The objectives of the course are to build capacity by reinforcing knowledge and expertise of persons involved in the care of patients, in control programmes or in research activities in the field of malaria and to improve skills in time […]

Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp

8. Mai 2018
Advanced ECG Interpretation Bootcamp

9th to 12th July 2018, Syndey, Australia. We are very pleased to announce that we will be presenting our first Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp in beautiful Sydney, Australia! Aussies have been vital supporters of Medicus of Houston, so we felt it was time to bring this challenging advanced ECG course to our colleagues […]

Wilderness Medical Society’s Desert Medicine Conference

4. Juli 2017

21st to 24th September 2017, Tucson, AZ, USA. The meeting will feature expert faculty who will cover such topics as desert survival, dehydration and rehydration issues and heat-related illnesses. We will also explore the envenomators of the southwest, with lectures on venomous reptiles, scorpions, tarantulas and killer bees. An evening […]

22. Ultraschallseminar in der Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe

31. Mai 2017

07. Oktober 2017, Berlin, Deutschland. Das 22. Ultraschallseminar in der Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe der Ultraschall-Akademie der DEGUM GmbH findet am 07. Oktober 2017 in Berlin statt. Diagnostische Möglichkeiten ändern sich zum Teil rasant und müssen immer wieder neu eingeordnet und hinterfragt werden. Dies ist zur Zeit in kaum einem anderen […]

Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Disease

23. Mai 2017

4th to 15th September 2017, London, United Kingdom. In recent years our understanding of infectious-disease epidemiology and control has been greatly increased through mathematical modelling. Insights from this increasingly-important, exciting field are now informing policy-making at the highest levels, and playing a growing role in research. The transmissible nature of […]

17th European Burns Association Congress

23. Mai 2017

6th to 9th September 2017, Barcelona, Spain. The aim of the 17th European Burns Association Congress is to provide a true interactive forum where new ideas, current outcomes and future perspectives can be exchanged and explored. A 360º vision of burn care provision, from the patient journey to the interaction of all team members […]

21st IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics

17. Mai 2017

23rd to 27th July 2017, San Francisco, CA, USA. The IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics is a major vehicle through which the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) achieves its objectives and it is held every four years. Internationally recognized experts in Gerontology and Geriatrics share their […]

Gastroenterologische Endoskopie – Training und Simulation

15. Mai 2017

23. November 2017, Würzburg, Deutschland.    INTUS steht für “Interdisziplinäres Trainings- und Simulationszentrum”. Am Universitätsklinikum Würzburg ist eine bislang einmalige Aus- und Weiterbildungsplattform für operative und interventionelle Verfahren in der Medizin entstanden. Im INTUS kommen modernste Simulatoren und Trainingssysteme im Rahmen zertifizierter Fortbildungskurse zum Einsatz. Im Rahmen des interaktiv gestalteten […]

Health at a Glance: Europe 2016

12. Mai 2017

This fourth edition of Health at a Glance: Europe presents key indicators of health and health systems in the 28 EU countries, 5 candidate countries to the EU and 3 EFTA countries. This 2016 edition contains two main new features: two thematic chapters analyse the links between population health and labour […]

MSc in Nanotechnology for Medicine and Health Care

4. Mai 2017

Start: October 2017, Oxford, United Kingdom. Oxford’s new MSc in Nanotechnology for Medicine and Health Care builds on the world-leading research in nanomedicine at the University’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering and other departments in the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS) Division and Medical Sciences Division. This advanced modular course […]