Premedical Program (PREMED)

Start: September 2015, Caribbean Medical University, Curacao, Caribbean.



The Premedical Program is designed to provide students with the strong foundation needed to handle the rigorous course of study they will experience in the MD Program. Premed consists of 3 semesters (16 weeks each) and has been designed for high school graduates or college students with less than 90 credit hours, who seek admission to a medical school and don’t meet the MD Program requirements.

This three-semester program can be entered at each year depending upon academic qualifications. It offers undergraduate sciences and laboratories, as well as post-high school level of Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, English and Calculus. Those courses contribute to the overall goals of a pre-professional education and much of the final semester of the premedical program is taught by the medical school faculty members.

Promotion into the Medical Sciences Program

Students must achieve a ‘B’ average to maintain satisfactory academic progress. To be eligible for promotion into the medical sciences, a student must successfully complete all three semesters with at least 2.8 GPA and pass the Premedical Science Post Examination (PSPE).

Admission Requirements

Caribbean medical school admissions requirements are similar to the ones of the medical schools in U.S. The Admissions Committee at Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine considers many factors as relevant predictors of a good medical student. However, as medical school is a rigorous academic challenge, the committee must be satisfied that a prospective student has the ability to successfully assimilate the curriculum.

The committee evaluates applicants in a comprehensive manner. We are interested in the whole individual and evaluate applications using all components of the application package. Our goal is to determine whether or not you have the academic ability and determination to pursue a rigorous medical school education. We look beyond GPA calculations and test scores in order to determine your motivation, maturity, leadership ability, knowledge of the medical field and academic progression in time.

Caribbean Medical University
The Carribean-Medical-UniversityCaribbean Medical University is one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean, established by Caribbean Medical University Foundation and registered on the island of Curacao, supported by the Government of Curacao.

Our goal is to prepare students for the next level of medical training in ACGME-accredited American teaching hospitals by implementing U.S. standard curriculum, used in the best North American LCME/AAMC colleges of medicine stressing Higher Order Thinking Skills (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation) tested in USMLE Step I rather than simple memorization of facts. At Caribbean Medical University, we intend to create an entirely new model of medical education, one that will enhance the university’s ability to act as a transformational agent in health care. Our unique approach embraces cross-disciplinary teaching modalities, breakthrough technologies, and innovative ways to advance training in both basic science and clinical skills throughout the medical school curriculum. In addition, we wish to deepen students’ understanding of academic medicine to better prepare tomorrow’s doctors and make a far-reaching impact on their further career.

Find more Information about the courses here.

Read more on the Premedical Science (Premed) Program at the Carribean Medical Universtity on the official website.


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