Medical Research and Biotechnology

Start: September 2015, Breda, Netherlands.

Avans-University-Breda-NetherlandsMedical aspects of biology fascinate you. Study Medical Research and Biotechnology and you will develop into an international expert in biomedicine or biotechnology in two years.

Insulin for diabetics used to be isolated from pigs. Not all patients respond well to this. Research is focussed on producing true human insulin using bacteria. You investigate the molecular mechanism of this disease and the responses to pig and human insulin. And you try to optimise the production of human insulin with bacteria in larger quantities using a bioreactor.


Biology interests you. You are inventive and curious. Able to think critically. You want to know what information lies hidden in cells. You are precise and a perfectionist. You want to do work that matters.

The programme Medical Research and Biotechnology (short programme)

A lot of research is done in the field of medical research and biotechnology. Techniques involving molecular biology and biochemistry help researchers understand the mechanisms of disease. Similar techniques can be used to engineer (micro)organisms or control their metabolism. This programme explores both worlds. You learn to conduct experiments and research in laboratories and produce medicines. You gain an insight into biological processes. How a drug works, say, or the effects of bioethanol.


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Features of this study programme

We have a good relationship with the labour market. This provides us with guest lectures. As well as topical real-life assignments. And a plentiful supply of work placement and graduation projects. In the Netherlands and abroad. Our students are valued very highly in the field.

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