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Directive Skills Part 1: Asking questions

Directive skills are powerful tools in medical interaction. They include asking questions, asking for clarifications, providing a rationale and signposting.

Asking good questions provides evidence that you are a good listener. As with all types of communication, it is important to consider both content and language when formulating a question. In other words, it is not only important what you say, but also how you say it.

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Communication-Skills-for-Foreign-and-Mobile-Medical-Professionals-153x209Communication Skills for Foreign and Mobile Medical Professionals

by  K. van de Poel, E. Vanagt, U. Schrimpf, J. Gasiorek

Around the world, the number of internationally mobile medical professionals is steadily increasing, posing potential difficulties for the good communication with patients and colleagues that is vital to satisfactory outcomes and personal professional success.   Communication Skills for Foreign and Mobile Medical Professionals  is an evidence-based communication resource book designed for all medical professionals who work in foreign countries, cultures, and languages. It offers a wealth of insights into doctor-patient communication, structured around the different phases of the consultation.

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Why Should I Talk about Emotion? Communication Patterns Associated with Physician Discussion of Patient Expressions of Negative Emotion in Hospital Admission Encounters

by Kristen Adams MD, Jenica EW Cimino BA, Robert M. Arnold MD, Wendy G. Anderson MD MS

“The Objective is to describe hospital-based physicians’ responses to patients’ verbal expressions of negative emotion and identify patterns of further communication associated with different responses.”… read the article.

13th International Conference on Communication in Healthcare 2015
25th to 28th October 2015, New Orleans, USA
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Communication Skills
29th October 2015, Brussels, Belgium
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