Postscript of the conference “Health Care Communication in Intercultural Settings – From Challenge to Success”

On 7th June 2017, our conference „Healthcare Communication in Intercultural Settings: From Challenge to Success “ took place. More than 80 persons from 12 countries participated in the conference – we thank you for your interest!

Communication was the central topic of the conference. Especially in the medicine & health sectors, efficient communication is necessary to ensure high-quality treatment of patients. The Erasmus+ Project “Nursing on the Move” deals with exactly this topic. “Nursing on the Move” is an e-learning platform which offers online learning materials that support nurses learning a second or foreign language.

In Part 1 of the morning event, the topic communication was presented from a practical perspective. The interactive introduction was followed by exciting lectures on intercultural communication and successful integration.

In Part 2 of the morning event, experts presented their research findings in healthcare communication. The topics included communication in “Nursing on the Move”, intercultural learning as well as language & communication training in South Africa.

The morning presentations ended with the panel discussion “How to turn challenges into success: Can nurses be taught? “

In the afternoon, participants had the chance to share their own experiences and knowledge in hands-on workshops.

We hope that you enjoyed the event!

If you want to learn more about communication in medicine and health, you are invited to visit the GI-blogsite and take a look at the „Communication Tips“ by Nursing on the Move.

The e-learning platform will be launched in autumn. If you want to receive further information on the platform, write us an e-mail.

You can find the pictures that were taken at the conference here.


More information

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Health Care Communication in Intercultural Settings, part 4 of 4 click here.

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