Global Health Delivery

Start: 4th September 2019, online course.

The greatest constraint to improving global healthcare delivery? Not availability, but access.

Full use of existing interventions would cut the 10 million annual child deaths that occur globally by more than 60%, as well as a high proportion of the half-million annual maternal deaths that could also be prevented by interventions of known efficacy.

Esteemed Harvard faculty, including Paul Farmer and Arthur Kleinman, effectively address the delivery gap through a nuanced, biosocial approach — which led them to create the HarvardX Massive Open Online Course, Global Health Case Studies from a Biosocial Perspective, to share their research with the world.

How you will grow your global impact through this course:

  • Design a global health intervention for real-world implementation as the final outcome of the ongoing course project
  • Socially engage around the groundbreaking textbook “Reimagining Global Health”
  • Interact and professionally network with a peer group of global health change-makers in classwide forums and graded small-group discussions
  • Experience a leadership and change management process that affords you the space and confidence to rethink conventional approaches

and in many other ways.

General Information
4th September 2019, online course.

You can read more about this course here.

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