FP7-Winter Academy

17. Januar 2013 at 11:18

Special2_FP7_170x85 5. bis 8. Februar 2013, Velence, Ungarn

For project coordinators and managers.

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This intensive 4-day course gives you the full life-cycle of project management – from the “Grant Agreement Negotiation” to “post-project EC financial audits” phase – through intensive lectures and interactive workshops.

Our experienced lecturers give you an insight to the theoretical background of project management in the Seventh Framework Programme. Topics of the lectures are related to the different phases of the FP7 project management:

  • Grant Agreement Negotiation  –  Negotiation
  • Getting your project started  –  Kick-off meeting
  • Every-day management   –  Legal management; Technical management
  • Project Reporting and Monitoring  –  Technical reporting;Technical reviews
  • Understanding the Financial Reports – Financial management; Financial reporting
  • EC Audits and Experiences  –  Audit

Your benefits

Learn all about FP7 project management and financial issues and test your skills and knowledge at our unique workshops specifically designed to simulate how things are going in the “FP7 virtual reality”.  Learn from your mistakes and find out how to avoid making them in your next project(s) and discover the tools to communicate with your partners, deal with your EC officers and manoeuvre when facing internal or external problems. Learn from our experiences (and the mistakes we have made), and network with others walking in the same shoes and get an exclusive preview of the Horizon 2020 programme (FP8).

Is this training right for me?

This course is equally useful for Researchers, Administrators, Rookies, Veterans, Project coordinators Managers and Decision-makers, coming from Public sector, Universities or Private entities.

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