EuroHealthNet Country Exchange Visit On Promoting Healthy Diets Amongst Children

10th to 11th October 2019, Vienna, Austria.

The focus of EuroHealthNet Country Exchange Visit is the promotion of healthy diets amongst children. Throughout the visit, we will exchange good practices, as well as experiences to ensure healthy diets amongst children. The purpose is to discuss what is/can be done to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation to improve children’s diets, and address socio-economic, environmental and commercial determinants of children’s health.

At the end of the visit, participants will identify what should be included in future health promotion strategies to achieve good nutrition amongst children.

This event will take place on Thursday, 10th October (all day) and Friday, 11th October 2019 (until 15.00), in Vienna, Austria. Please note that all participants will be required to invest some time in preparing for the event, for example, by presenting information from their countries.

General Information
10th to 11th October 2019

Austrian Health Promotion Foundation (FGOe)
Aspernbrückengasse 2
1020 Vienna
For more information visit the official website of the congress.

Published in GI-Mail 09/2019 (English edition). Sign up for GI-Mail here.  

Tip: More up to date educational events can be found online in the Education Database »medicine & health«.

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