Dementia Scotland 2013: a national priority

21st October 2013, Edinburgh, ScotlandKOngress1EN_DementiaScotland2013_logo

Following the publication of Scotland’s second National Dementia Strategy in June 2013, this conference provides an excellent platform to consider the opportunities for its implementation. Working in association with Alzheimer Scotland, we are putting together a programme of outstanding speakers who will discuss how best to respond to the dementia challenge, covering topics such as diagnosis and post-diagnostic support, integrated care and support, safe environments in community and care settings, and the latest in dementia research. Importantly, presentations from public officials and health and social care leaders will be put into context by talks from people living with dementia and their carers.

Recent decades have seen a dramatic increase in healthy life expectancy across the UK and the rest of the world. However, there has also been a corresponding rise in age-related diseases such as dementia, with the number of people with dementia in Scotland expected to double between 2011 and 2031. The challenge of providing high quality care and support to people with dementia and their carers will also increase over time. Ultimately, the wholesale redesign and transformation of health and care services will be required to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of services. The Scottish Government is investing £300m to facilitate these changes to the way services are designed and care is delivered, including services for people with dementia.

Scotland’s first National Dementia Strategy, published in 2010, set out the work that the Scottish Government and its partners in NHS Scotland, local government and the voluntary and private sectors are doing to improve support, care and treatment for people with dementia, their families and carers. There has been excellent progress, but there is still much to do, including improving care in general hospitals and ensuring safe and supportive environments at home and in care settings.

The next phase of the strategy aims to build on the success. Diagnosis rates are significantly better in Scotland than other parts of the UK at 64%, but these can be further improved. A commitment to a named support worker for everyone diagnosed from April 2013 to help them and their families understand the illness, manage its symptoms and plan for future care will help to transform the quality of post-diagnostic support.

The Dementia Series of events is for anyone involved with or affected by dementia, who wishes to hear the latest developments. Delegates will have the opportunity to listen, digest, debate and then reflect on information that will make a difference to their professional and personal lives. The Series aims to support the campaign to develop a high level of public awareness, so that people with dementia and their carers are encouraged to seek help and are supported by their community.

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