Communication Tips – Paraphrasing

25. März 2015 at 12:56

Communication tips by Nursing on the Move.

nom-eu-logoAre you a medical professional who uses a foreign language at work?

Have you ever been in this situation?
Not knowing how to comfort a patient in distress.
Not remembering how to say or pronounce a word.
Knowing the medical term, but not being able to explain it to a patient.
Wanting to socialise with a colleague, but being scared that the words will not come naturally.

Boost your professional interactions by trying the following tips.

Verbal Encouragement: Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a type of verbal encouragement and it means restating what you have heard and understood in your own words.  Paraphrasing can be a good way to check whether your own interpretation of what a patient has said is accurate.  By playing back the message in your own words, you show the patient what you have understood.  Following your paraphrasing with a short phrase like, Is this correct? gives the patient the opportunity to correct any misunderstandings, and to embellish the story further if they would like to.

The process of paraphrasing involves eliciting, organising and reflecting on the information a patient provides. This process is something both you and your patients can learn from.

What can MoM do for you?
MoM is a tool that gives you the words and shows you how to say them in meaningful, professional contexts.
On the e-learning/mobile platform, you will learn how to better communicate in a cross-cultural medical context by means of sound files, conversation scenarios with patients and colleagues, everyday medical terminology with pronunciation, grammar tips, and a medical communication manual raising awareness about doctor-patient interactions.

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