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Meta-communication literally means communication about communication. In doctor-patient communication, it usually refers to communication about how the consultation is going to proceed, and what is going to be discussed or done next.  Both signposting and explicit highlighting (discussed in April and August) are forms of meta-communication.

Meta-communication may be verbal or nonverbal. You can explicitly state what you will do or talk about next (as in signposting), or you may communicate these intentions with nonverbal signals like eye contact, facial expression, or tone of voice (which we will discuss later).

In cases where communication has stalled or otherwise become difficult, you can use meta-communication to try to understand how the problem has come about, and how best to solve it or proceed in a new direction. Thus, meta-communication can also be used to prevent or solve conflicts with patients in the consultation.

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Medical Communication Skills and Law Made Easy

by Tsong Kwong, Ann O’Brien, Qiang Kwong, Kate Hill & Joanne Haswell

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The medical consultation viewed as a value chain: A neurobehavioral approach to emotion regulation in doctor–patient interaction

by Arnstein Finset, Trond A. Mjaaland

The aim of the study is to present a model of the medical consultation as a value chain, and to apply a neurobehavioral perspective to analyze each element in the chain with relevance for emotion regulation. Current knowledge on four elements in medical consultations and neuroscientific evidence on corresponding basic processes are selectively reviewed. … read more

Beyond Informed Consent

Middle November 2016, New Haven, CT, USA
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