Health at a Glance 2020 – Part 3: Overview of Health Indicators

4. Februar 2021

This chapter describes the health status of EU citizens, including trends in life expectancy, the main causes of death, health inequalities, the occurrence of communicable and chronic diseases, and mental health issues. It shows modifiable risk factors to health, including smoking, alcohol consumption, illicit drug use, unhealthy nutrition, lack of physical […]

Health at a Glance 2020: Public Health Issues Part 2
Air Pollution and Its Impact on Health in Europe

20. Januar 2021

This chapter reviews the health and welfare impacts of air pollution in Europe. Although air pollution has decreased in most European countries over the past two decades, it remains above WHO guidelines in most countries, particularly in some large Central and Eastern European cities. This has serious consequences on people’s […]

Health at a Glance 2020: Public Health Issues Part 1
How resilient have European health systems been to the COVID‑19 crisis?

28. Dezember 2020
Health at a Glance 2020

This contribution provides an initial assessment of the impact of COVID‑19 and theresilience of European health systems to the pandemic, bearing in mind that thepandemic is ongoing and so any definitive assessment would be premature. Since late 2019, the COVID‑19 outbreak has spread to become the most serious pandemic in […]

Health at a Glance 2019: OECD Indicators

5. Februar 2020
Health at a Glance 2019

Die Ausgabe 2019 von Health at a Glance  („Gesundheit auf einen Blick“) präsentiert die neuesten Vergleichs‑ und Trenddaten zum Gesundheitszustand der Bevölkerung und zur Leistungsfähigkeit der Gesundheitssysteme in OECD‑Mitgliedsländern, ‑Beitrittsländern und ‑Partnerländern. 1. Der Anstieg der Lebenserwartung stagniert; immer mehr Menschen leiden unter chronischen und psychischen Erkrankungen • Wer heute […]

Health Workforce Policies in OECD Countries

1. Juni 2018

Right Jobs, Right Skills, Right Places The publication Health Workforce Policies in OECD Countries is from the series OECD Health Policy Studies. It concentrates on the key aspects and newest trends in the field of health workforce policies in the member states of the OECD. It observes the aspect of […]