Immunology Short Course for Clinicians and Scientists

30. August 2018

12th to 14th November 2018, London, United Kingdom. For over 20 years, the Department of Immunology has run a short course providing clinicians and scientists with a broad understanding of the complex field of immunology and an insight into the most recent advances in both scientific and clinical immunological research. […]

4th Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference

13. Januar 2017

20th to 22nd March 2017, Prague, Czech Republic. The Cancer Drug Development Forum (CDDF) in collaboration with the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) have the great pleasure to invite you to take part in the 4th Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference (ITOC4). The ITOC series of conferences is the premier meeting […]

Immunology: A Pathway Through the Maze

16. November 2015

8th to 9th December 2015, Oxford, Great Britain. Immunology is a rapidly developing subject with wide-ranging implications for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology industries. Common questions include, for example: How does the immune system defend the body against infection? What goes wrong when autoimmunity develops? How can undesirable responses be […]