Symposium for Emerging Viral Diseases

10th to 12th April 2019, Geneva, Switzerland.

Within a short time frame, research on emerging viruses has changed from a small, rather exotic niche within the virology field to a topic of major public health interest, also raising tremendous attention in the community and in the public.

In our 12th session with a total of 30 speakers from more than 12 countries, we aim to cover the complete picture of this exciting topic of virus emergence and the challenges that arise from it. Our program is enriched with clinical cases, real-life scenarios, lessons from the field, but also specific basic research findings on emerging viruses of high interest, all delivered by international top experts.

The symposium is of interest for a broad range of health specialists working in the field of emerging viruses, such as clinicians, researchers from the life science field and public health specialists, PhD and medical students, as well as policy makers and organizations.

It will provide participants a unique opportunity to foster exchanges and collaborations around high-level interventions given by world-class specialists on emerging viral diseases. A diverse range of themes will be discussed including: the key biological characteristics that promote the spread of these viral agents, recent epidemiological trends, clinical and public health impact of emerging viral diseases, new vaccines and medical strategies and many more.

Allgemeine Informationen
10th to 12th April 2019

Campus Biotech
Chemin des Mines 9
1202 Geneva

For more information and details visit the website of the symposium for emerging viral diseases.

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