Risk Assessment and Updates on Ebola Virus

logo_ecdcThe European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control is an EU agency aimed at strengthening Europe’s defences against infectious diseases. ECDC’s mission is to identify, assess and communicate current and emerging threats to human health posed by infectious diseases.

Recent developments on the Ebola Outbreak, news and epidemiological updates can be found on this website as well as Publications and Guidelines on other relevant infectious diseases.

In order to achieve its mission, ECDC works in partnership with national health protection bodies across Europe to strengthen and develop continent-wide disease surveillance and early warning systems. By working with experts throughout Europe, ECDC pools Europe’s health knowledge to develop authoritative scientific opinions about the risks posed by current and emerging infectious diseases.

Within the field of its mission, the Centre shall:

– search for, collect, collate, evaluate and disseminate relevant scientific and technical data;

– provide scientific opinions and scientific and technical assistance including training;

– provide timely information to the Commission, the Member States, Community agencies and international organisations active within the field of public health;

– coordinate the European networking of bodies operating in the fields within the Centres mission, including networks arising from public health activities supported by the Commission and operating the dedicated surveillance networks;

– exchange information, expertise and best practices, and facilitate the development and implementation of joint actions.

the updated rapid risk assessment on Ebola in West Africa here.

Read about how the WHO declares Senegal and Nigeria free of Ebola virus transmission.

Get the latest epidemiological update for Ebola virus here.

Find more updates here.


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