Podcast: Do we need a Treaty change to reach a true European Health Union?

Podcast by: European Health Union Now

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Union (EU) has often received criticism for not having reacted strongly enough and for not taking more leadership in coordinating the response. On the other hand, the pioneering efforts around the negotiations and the purchasing of COVID-19 vaccines has showcased that coordinated action of all EU Member States is not only possible but necessary in times of a crisis.

Yet, the EU is limited in what it can do regarding health under the current Treaty, and the COVID-19 pandemic has starkly revealed the weaknesses in the division of powers and competences between the EU and its Member States. 

In the latest episode of the ‘European Health Union Now’ podcast, hosted by the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) for the European Health Union Initiative (EHUI), Dorli Kahr-Gottlieb and Anniek de Ruijter discuss recent calls from EHUI group members for a Treaty change and examine what amendments to the current legal text could enable the EU to achieve more in the field of health, all the while safeguarding Member Sates’ autonomy. Tune in to the episode here!

To support the #HealthUnion Manifesto and to read the position paper discussed during the podcast, visit the initiative’s website here. And follow the EHUI on Twitter to stay informed of upcoming activities.


General Information
Date: online

European Health Union Now

For more information listen here to the podcast.

Published in GI-Mail 07/2021 (English edition).

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