Netherlands course in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

KIT-Health-HeaderStart: 7th March 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Netherlands Course in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene or Nederlandse tropen cursus (NTC) provides essential preparation for medical doctors, nurses, midwives and other health professionals who intend to work in low- and middle-income countries or societies. Participants may be preparing to work in a district hospital at the first level of referral, or intend to participate in health care projects with non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Many healthcare professionals want to contribute to health in low and middle income countries. In order to make a meaningful and appropriate contribution meaningful knowledge of the context and of local health problems is vital.

By following the NTC, you will be able to:
– identify and analyse interrelated determinants of health and major health problems of populations
in low and middle income societies.
– plan sustainable improvements of health systems, taking into account diverse cultural settings
and social and ethical responsibilities
– critically collect, analyse and appraise qualitative and quantitative data relevant to the improvement of health
and health care in low and middle income societies
– clearly communicate and work professionally in a multidisciplinary team

General information

Start date:
Spring – 07th March 2016
Autumn – 19th September 2016

Application deadline is two  months before the start of the course.

Click here to find an overview about the program of the Netherlands course in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Course language:

Course location:
Classes are held at KIT’s training centre in Amsterdam.

Registration fee:
€ 6.200


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Health around the world is improving, but large groups of people are left behind. Limited information and services in low and middle-income countries is a major issue.

To improve access to quality health services, local and national governments and international organisations partner with KIT Health. For research and advice on universal health coverage, human resources for health, sexual and reproductive health, rights and disease management.

Through master programmes, short courses and institutional support, KIT equips health professionals to be leaders in addressing public health challenges around the world.

Clients appreciate this collaborative approach underpinned by in-depth international experience, evidence-based and practical solutions delivered within their particular context.

For the entire KIT course program of 2016 click here.


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