Health Care and Management in Tropical Countries (HCMTC)

20th March to 23rd June 2017, Swiss TPH, Basel/Switzerland.


Swiss TPH

The course introduces the range of skills and knowledge needed to work as a public health professional/practitioner in resource poor settings, taking into consideration national, international and global policies and strategies. The course is accredited by the University of Basel as a Diploma of Advanced Studies, and within the European Network for Education (tropEd) as a core module for the Master in International Health.



Swiss TPH

concepts and research methods (social science, epidemiology, statistics)

– health problems and responses (reproductive and child health, tropical medicine, laboratory practice)

health system management and communication (information, communication and management strategies)


Course fee: CHF 7’000.00

Course brochure: You can find detailed information on the course here.


For information and application forms, please contact:


Swiss TPH

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Course Secretariat
P.O. Box
CH-4002 Basel

Tel: +41 61 284 82 34

Fax: +41 61 284 81 06

Swiss TPH, HCMTC 2014: Gruppenarbeiten im Seminarraum 3 Haus 55a. Bernadette Peterhans + Axel Hoffmann Swiss TPH.. Weitere Bilder sind vorhanden! Copyright by Rolf Duerr Riehenstrasse 22, 4127 Birsfelden

Swiss TPH, Copyright by Rolf Duerr



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