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Online lectures and interactive courses, Elsevier Publishing Campus

The Elsevier Publishing Campus is an online platform offering free lectures, interactive training and professional advice. Perhaps you are interested in writing a journal article or submitting a book proposal; learning how to conduct peer review for a high impact journal; understanding research and publishing ethics or writing a successful grant application, whatever it may be Elsevier Publishing Campus has the resources to help you achieve your goals.

Your role is changing. Researchers today need to secure funding, collaborate, share data, publish results, commercialize research and demonstrate impact. Early career researchers in particular are under significant pressure and Elsevier is committed to supporting you on your way to publishing a world class journal article or book and developing your career as a successful professional researcher.

Dedicated training takes time and effort on your part and we believe successful researchers should be recognized for this. For each interactive training module or online seminar that you complete, your work will be recognized with an awarded certificate from Elsevier.

Improve your knowledge and skills in publishing academic research

The College of Skills Training is packed with free online training and advice.
Interactive training courses guide you carefully through a topic and test your knowledge along the way. Average completion time is 15-30 minutes.
Online lectures present a topic by leading experts and engage in Q&A towards the end to boost the discussion. Average completion time is 15 minutes.
LIVE online lectures present a topic by leading experts and are followed by a live Q&A which you can join in! Average completion time is 50 minutes.
Attending and completing any of the above will result in your being awarded a Certificate of Completion. They will be available at the end of each course of lecture to download and they are automatically stored in your profile.

Keep up-to-date with current research

The College of Research Solutions contains free tools to help you get ready to publish. They’ll help you keep up-to-date with current research, manage your personal online library, and create bibliograpies for your articles. For articles you’ve already published, you can use free tools to share and promote your work.

elsevier-publishing-campus-longFree online lectures, training and advice covering:
– Introduction to scholarly publishing
– How to get published in a journal
– Book publishing
– Peer review
– Publishing ethics
– Grant writing
– Getting your paper noticed

Helping you on your way to publishing a world-class book or journal article




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