Current Concepts in Medicine Gastroenterology & Cardiology

26 th November to 11th December 2013, Vietnam & Cambodia


Whether your goal is to be educated, to escape the office, or experience the ancient wonders of Southeast Asia, you will return from this CME cruise accomplishing much more.

Explore the stunningly scenic and culturally distinctive lands that lie along the remarkable Mekong River… On this 16 – day cruise tour, discover two countries, two cultures and two ways of life linked by Indochina’s most important river – from Vietnam’s bustling cities to the tranquillity of Cambodia.


6 day Riches of Mekong River + Land Tour Course2_seacourses_logo2



  • Irritated by the Irritable Bowel Patient
  •   Liver Tests – What does it all mean?
  • Dys & Dat of Dyspepsia
  • Diarrhea : a cautious approach
  • Perplexed by PPIs?
  • Colon Cancer screening
  • GI complications in Diabetes
  • GI Jeopardy


  •  Top 10 Cardiology Trials in 2013 & What They Mean
  • Heart Failure Paradox
  • Atrial Fibrillation & Options in Management
  • Imaging of CAD & How to Screen
  • Hypertension from a Primary Care Perspective
  • Cardiology in Women and What’s the difference?
  • Managing Cardiovascular Risk (workshop)


General Medicine

  •  Screen B4U Scribe
  • BPH for the Family Doc

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