Concepts of Epidemiology – Crash Course for Professionals

Kurs4_DE_Concepts_of_Epidemiology_250x89Concepts of Epidemiology – Crash Course for Professionals
9th to 13th December 2013,Edinburgh, United Kigndom

Concepts of Epidemiologyis an intensive crash course which condenses the MSc in Public Health content into a full 5-day programme. This has been specifically designed and developed over a number of years for professionals working in public health practice, policy and research who would otherwise not be able to devote a year to this study.

The course is non-assessment based, and includes a certificate of completion from The University of Edinburgh.

The course programme is supported by the content of the book ‘Concepts of Epidemiology‘ by Prof. Bhopal (course leader). The programme aims to bring participants to the introductory level of the MSc in Public Health, and covers most of the material in the text. There will be two sessions each day, comprising lectures (up to three hours per day), small group exercises, and self learning through tackling test papers (with answers discussed by the whole group). Each session will concentrate on one chapter of the course book, as detailed below:

  1. What is Epidemiology?
  2. The epidemiological concept of population
  3. Variation in disease by time, place and person: A framework for analysis
  4. Variation: The role of error, bias, risk modification and confounding
  5. Cause & effect: The epidemiological approach
  6. Natural history, spectrum, iceberg, population patterns and screening: Interrelated concepts
  7. The concept of risk and measures of disease frequency: Incidence and prevalence
  8. Presentation and interpretation of epidemiological data on risk
  9. Study design: Overview
  10. Theoretical, ethical, contextual, practical and critical foundations for future epidemiology

Registration fee – £845.00 GBP

The course fee includes:
• A copy of Concepts of Epidemiology, R. Bhopal, 2nd ed. 2008
• attendee pack including course presentation slides
• certificate from The University of Edinburgh
• all coffeebreak and lunchtime catering
• drinks reception (9 Dec 2013)
• course dinner (11 Dec 2013)

For EUPHA members:
Reduction registration fee on Concepts of Epidemiology!
We are very pleased to be able to inform our members that the University of Edinburgh is offering EUPHA members a 10% reduction of registration fees for the 5-day course on: Concepts of Epidemiology, organised in Edinburgh, UK from 9-13 December 2013. For more information please click here.


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