Christian Responses to Health and Development

difaemlogo150x6727th and 28th June 2014, Tuebingen, Germany

One year before the targeted achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2015 and 50 years after a consultation in Tübingen, we cordially invite you to participate in the international symposium on “Christian Responses to Health and Development”, held at the “German Institute for Medical Mission” (DIFAEM) in Tübingen on June 27th and 28th, 2014.

In 1964 DIFAEM organized a conference (“Tübingen I”) that had great impact both on the theological understanding and the practice of Christian health services in the decades to follow. The conference document “The Healing Church” highlighted the pivotal role of the Church in the area of health and healing and was the starting point of ecumenical discussions on health, healing and wholeness in the 1970s and 1980s.

The forthcoming symposium gathers a distinguished group of experts and offers space for discussing the contribution of Christian health services today. A special emphasis will be on their potential role in the post-MDG era. As one of the outcomes of the symposium, the participants will draft and approve a policy paper on the key role of Christian health services in the contemporary context.

The participants will represent churches, congregations and development organizations, medical professionals, theologians and other people sharing the passion for Christian healing ministries. Everyone is most welcome.

Download the invitation Flyer here.


Thursday, June 26th – Pre-conference

  • Arrival of international participants
  • Arrangement of posters for poster presentations
  • Presentation of projects (posters), networking among DIFAEM partners

Friday, June 27th – Symposium day 1
Conference session I: The Christian contribution to health, healing and wholeness today

Top Who
13:00 Opening prayer Bishop Jan Janssen
13:10 Welcome and opening Dr. Gisela Schneider
13:20 Keynote speech: World  Council of Churches Associate General Secretary Prof. Dr. Isabel Phiri
Questions and Discussions
14:00 Break
14:15 Facilitation Dr. Beate Jakob
14:20 The Legacy of “Tübingen I” Prof. Dr. Christoffer Grundmann
14:50 Questions and Discussion
15:00 What makes our health service Christian? Christian values under the challenge of increasing demand, brain drain and economic pressures Dr. Johnny Oomen
15:20 Questions and discussions
15:30 Coffee break
Facilitation Sue Parry
16:00 The Christian contribution to health today – economic perspectives Prof. Dr. Steffen Fleßa
16:30 Plenary discussions: What is the comparative advantage of Christian health services today?
17:00 Presentation and discussion of policy paper (1) Dr. Beate Jakob
18:00 Break
18:30 Worship with Bishop Jan Janssen, Chair of EMW (Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany)
19:00 Reception


Saturday, June 28th – Symposium day 2

Conference session II: Examples of good practice and the contribution of Christian health services to global health

Top Who
09:00 Devotion Prof. Dr. Kim-Raucholz
Facilitation Dr. Gisela Schneider
09:15 Reaching the health MDG’s: Lessons learntIntroductory lecture (20 min) and 3 country examples: HIV and AIDS, Maternal and Child Health and Access to Medicines– appr. 10 minutes each
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Christian health care contributing to Universal Health Coverage (20 min lecture, 10 min discussion)
11:30 Christian health care contributing to equity and protection from financial hardship
12:00 Christian health care contributing to revitalizing Primary Health Care
12.30 Lunch
Conference session III: Where do we go to? – The role of the churches in the post MDG process 
14:00 Presentation and discussion of policy paper (2) with regard to the topics that will follow Dr. Beate Jakob
14:30 Working groups on the churches’ contribution to global health (based on the particular sections of the policy paper)1. Chronic conditions and demographic transition: Can we reach Universal Health Coverage?2. Financing health services: How can we reach the marginalized and poor?3. The contribution of Christian churches and communities to Primary Health Care
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Presentations of group discussions
16:45 Discussion of policy paper and approval (3)Harvesting and finalizing
18:00 Dinner and cultural evening

Sunday, June 29th – Programme for the Public (DIFAEM annual mission service) 

Top Who
10:00 Festival worship service with international participants in German and English Prof. Dr. Kim-Raucholz
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Exhibition and presentation of postersGerman participants meet the speakers
From 14:00 Open house DIFAEM offices


Tip: More up to date educational events dealing with healthcare can be found online on the Education Database »medicine & health«.




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