Advanced short course on health sector reforms and financing

18. Juni 2013 at 16:58

19th  to 29th August 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kurs2_Logo_KIT_ENG_200x200Health systems in countries all over the world face enormous challenges to meet the growing needs of citizens. In response, reforms are being implemented and tools have been developed to analyse and monitor health systems performance, using criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, equity and sustainability. Implementing these reforms and evaluating their impact are challenging the institutional capacity of ministries of health and donor agencies.

The aim of this intensive course is to develop an understanding of the context and scope of the current health sector reforms and financing options in developing countries. The course will help managers by offering tools and skills to describe and critically analyse the national health system in their country in terms of its financing, its structure and functions, and its performance, and to examine how this performance can be influenced by alternative policies and reform strategies.


Fee: € 2960,- for TropEd students: € 1490

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