3rd EAPC Course on Sports Cardiology

30th to 31st August 2017, Barcelona, Spain.

The course provides an up-to-date and comprehensive approach to the evaluation of athletes, for physicians and allied health professionals with interest in Sports Cardiology.

The course will address pathophysiologic mechanisms and the diagnostic pathway to formulate correct diagnosis of the most common CV diseases in athletes. Appropriate management of the CV diseases according to the current guidelines will be explained by means of illustrative clinical cases.

The programme is designed to give you insights on ECG in sports cardiology and assessment of cardiovascular diseases in athletes, with case-based clinical sessions, and a live interactive quiz.

This training course will be divided into four sessions. Session one will deal with the prevention of sudden deaths in athletes, sesscion two will concentrate on recognizing and managing structural Heart Disease. The third session is about detecting and managing arrythmias in athletes and the fourth session will deal with cases in Sports Cardiology.

General Information

Date: 30th to 31th August 2017

Barcelona FC auditorium
Carrer d’Aristides Maillol, 12

Application: You can find information on application and fees here.

Contact: sportscardiology2017@agora-events.com 

Published in GI-Mail 06/2017 (English edition). Sign up for GI-Mail here.  

Tip: More up to date educational events can be found online in the Education Database »medicine & health«.

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