22nd International Conference on Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases

7. Juli 2017 at 09:00

22nd to 23rd September 2017, Boston, MA, USA.

The Functional Food Center (FFC) is pleased to announce its 22nd International Conference “Functional and Medical Foods for Chronic Diseases: Bioactive Compounds and Biomarkers”. The conference will be held in the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston on September 22-23, 2017.

This conference will bring together experts in medicine, biology, and the food industry to discuss the functional foods with bioactive compounds as dietary interventions for chronic diseases.

The main topics/ sessions of the conference are:

  • Functional Food definition and the status of Functional Foods in Japan, US and other countries
  • Functional Foods and Obesity
  • Functional Foods and Diabetes
  • Functional Foods and Neurological Diseases
  • Functional Foods and Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)
  • Functional Foods and Cancer
  • Functional Foods with bioactive compound(s): Prevention and management of non-communicable diseases
  • Safety of the bioactive compounds and Functional Foods
  • Biomarkers and Functional Food
  • Special Session: Functional Food, Microbiome and Cancer
  • Special Session: Dietary exosomes and their cargos
  • Special session: Engineering bioaccessibility and bioavailability of bioactive compounds
  • Current research and development of new Functional Food Products
General Information

Date: 22nd to 23rd September 2017

Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston,  MA 02115

Registration: For information on registration and fees please click here.

Program: Find the preliminary program here.


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