16th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference

3rd to 6th October 2016, Prague, Czech Republic.


The International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference INDC 2016 is an international forum for scientific discussion focused on understanding the relationship and connections between nutrition and clinical diagnostics.

The aim of this multidisciplinary conference is to bridge the gaps between the specialists and fields of science as diverse as nutrition, clinical biochemistry, food technology, analytical chemistry and medicine.

INDC is a traditional meeting point for people who are interested in understanding how food influences our health, working performance, feelings and aging.

It is evident that enormous progress has been made in instrumental analytical methods over the last thirty years. Today the main application and use of the techniques is analysis of biological samples: tissues, blood and urine.

Many people are not able to adjust their eating habits based on sedentary lifestyle including working with computers, watching television, and driving a car. It seems that this easy way of life that the generations before us used to dream of is now damaging our health and possibly even having a worse effect on the younger generation.

This presents a new challenge for scientists to develop analytical technologies that would allow us to understand our personal metabolism, feelings, physical and mental performance in connection with specific biomarkers, with the overall aim to personalize medicine as generalized recommendations have proven to be of limited value.

We see food as an integrated part of the environment we live in and the one that affects us the most. Therefore, it is understanding the food that can be used and should be used to maintain the balance in the human metabolism.


General information

Date: 3rd to 6th October 2016

Location: Teplická 492, 190 00 Prague 9, Czech Republic

Registration: If you want to register for the conference please click here.


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