12th Experts “Live” CTO Workshop 2020

11th to 12th September 2020, Berlin, Germany.


The progress of interventional therapy for chronic total occlusions (CTO) is a success story of both developments in procedural strategies accompanied by rapid progress in medical devices, specifically dedicated wires and microcatheters, but also the success of drug-eluting stents to achieve a long-term patency.

The procedural outcome for CTOs is comparable to non-CTO lesions if performed by trained and experienced operators. Therefore it is the goal of the annual meeting of the European CTO club since its inaugural meeting 11 years ago to provide a forum of education and interactive discussion of these new developments in the treatment of CTO lesions.

We include live case transmissions performed by world renowned operators to illustrate these new techniques and enhance the discussion in an interactive way. This is accompanied by a structured and educative presentation of the steps required to build a CTO program, select the right patients, the right technique and the right strategy.

The case selection aims at an incremental presentation of cases from seemingly low to higher complexity, thus providing contents for the already experienced, but also for those aspiring to become experts in this field of PCI.

Aside from the practical demonstration of techniques we also provide an interactive forum to present cases by the participants in a challenging case contest hosted by the Board of the EuroCTO club.

Scientific Focus Topics

  • Impact of CTO and CTO revascularization on quality of life, clinical symptoms, and prognosis
  • Overview of new wires and devices on the technical approach to CTO PCI
  • How to maintain long-term patency after complex PCI – the role of duration and selection of antiplatelet therapy
  • Common comorbidities and CTO-PCI: renal impairment, and the role of contrast media, atrial fibrillation and the choice of antiplatelet therapy and anticoagulation, CTO-PCI and severe LV dysfunction and the role of cardiac assist systems

General Information
11th to 12th September 2020

Hilton Berlin

Mohrenstrasse 30
10117 Berlin

For more information and detailed program visit the website.

Published in GI-Mail 06/2020 (English edition).




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