What does the EHFG team do in April? Being lazy? Certainly not!

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We have just sent out our Conference Report of the European Health Forum Gastein 2015 on „Securing health in Europe. Balancing priorities, sharing responsibilities“. Topics included migration, access to high-priced medicine, patient empowerment, the opportunities and dangers of big data in health, and many more.

If you do not feel like reading, another possibility to catch up on what was discussed in the Gastein Valley last autumn is to have a look at our series of thematic short movies.

To break some of the main results from 2015 down for the Austrian stakeholders involved in the healthcare and health policy sectors we are currently preparing our third outcomes event in Vienna, together with the Forum of the Research based Pharmaceutical Industries in Austria.

Also going on: The call for applications for the European Health Award is still open. We are looking for exciting cross border healthcare projects in the EU, which are worthy contenders for the award’s anniversary year. Did you know? A decade ago, the first award went to the European Alliance against Depression, a mental health project.

We are celebrating another birthday this year: The Young Forum Gastein initiative is turning 10, as well. We are already busy preparing the celebrations – and getting some practice for throwing birthday parties for next year’s big EHFG anniversary (we will turn 20!).

And while all this is happening we are of course busy preparing the EHFG 2016:

Demographics and Diversity in Europe – New Solutions for Health.
28-30 September 2016, Bad Hofgastein, Austria

So mark your calendars and stay tuned for our first Programme Announcement. We have some surprises up our sleeve for this year.

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Tip: More up to date educational events can be found online on the Education Database »medicine & health«.




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