Travel Health for Expatriates and Their Families

from 1st October 2021, online

The course provides an overview of health-related issues expatriates and their families may face during their stay abroad. The goal of the course is to equip participants with all necessary background information on preventive measures to be considered before leaving their home country and to provide them with the basic knowledge on how to deal with the most relevant and frequent health issues possibly arising during their stay abroad

Course Content

  • General aspects related to the health of expatriates and their families
  • Field experience reported by former expatriates
  • Preparatory issues: travel vaccinations, malaria chemoprophylaxis, insect bite avoidance, etc.
  • Essential knowledge on malaria and arboviral infections (dengue, chikungunya, zika, etc.) and how to use malaria rapid diagnostic tests
  • Diarrhoea: risk, prevention and when to seek diagnostic and treatment
  • Skin: typical tropical skin infections and sun protection basics
  • First aid kit and rescue medication
  • Emerging health issues/outbreaks


Organization and Coordination
Dr. med. Andreas Neumayr (Chief Medical Officer Medical Services)
Dr. med. Esther Künzli (Senior Consultant Medical Services)
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel

General Information

Date: from 1st October 2021


Course Fees:
CHF 350.- including documentation (pdf files) for the course.

For more information and detailed program visit the website.

Published in GI-Mail 06/2021 (English edition).

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