The Word Brain – fast language learning

the-word-brain-fast-language-learningA short guide to fast language learning
– by Bernd Sebastian Kamps.

How long does it take to learn a new language?
How many words do you need to learn?
Are languages within the reach of everybody?
Which teachers should we avoid?

These are some of the questions you ask yourself when you or your children start to learn a new language. The Word Brain provides the answers.

Download the free PDF (81 pages). A tablet will be fine to read the book. If your children or grandchildren learn a second language, please consider offering them the print edition (available on Amazon for around $10). A book is more than a PDF.

Excerpt from “The Word Brain”- chapter “Goals” :

Language surrounds us from when we are infants, language is the predominant mode of expression at school and university, and now that we are adults, new languages are everywhere. In a globalised world – whether we like it or not – we live in an environment of multiple languages. Modern times are polyglot times, and ‘monoglot’ individuals begin to realise that speaking just one language has its disadvantages. They start asking themselves how long it takes to learn another language and if languages are within the reach of everybody. Typically, they also want to know how to choose good teachers and how to avoid bad teachers. The Word Brain answers these questions. The subtitle of the present guide, Fast Language Learning, may be subject to misunderstanding. ‘Fast’ is often equated with ‘easy’ and, in the context of language learning, easiness could lead some readers to evoke miraculous second-language concoctions administered by charming teachers to engaged and engaging classmates. When searching for ‘language learning’ on the internet, you will see that it is all fun, sexy and child’s play. If that’s the way you dream about approaching your next language, stop reading here. There is nothing snug and cosy about The Word Brain. On the contrary, this short guide for adults may appear harsh and rude, and demands your determination, discipline, and perseverance. If these are dirty words to you, walk away now.

You can download “The Word Brain” as a free PDF in different languages and editions here.
You can buy “The Word Brain” as a printed book here.
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