The VII Conference on Childhood Studies: Childhood in Everyday Life

conference on childhood studies6th to 8th June 2016, Turku, Finland.

The Conference on Childhood Studies is a well-established multidisciplinary forum for research on children and childhood. It brings together researchers from various disciplines as well as attendees interested in childhood research.

The conference has been held annually since 2008 in different parts of Finland and organized in cooperation between the Finnish Society for Childhood Studies and a local partner. In 2016 the conference is organized together with the Child and Youth Research Institute CYRI.

The theme of the conference is Childhood in Everyday Life. Everyday life is often neglected as self-evident and ordinary part of mundane life. Yet, it is comprised of numerous practices and structures which influence people’s well-being, determine their status in the society and guide their choices even affecting the future generations. Children are particularly dependent on the frameworks of everyday life while simultaneously they construct the everyday life and the world around them in a fundamental way. What are the building blocks of everyday life in childhood? How does childhood define everyday life? How has childhood changed over time?

The Conference on Childhood Studies will focus on both established routines as well as changes in everyday life. The aim is to observe the relationships between childhood and everyday life as a multilayer phenomenon. The ordinary building blocks of everyday life, such as food, hygiene and sleep, are central for children’s wellbeing, but everyday life is also comprised of various spaces, social relationships, as well as temporal and physical movement. Furthermore, everyday life is built on and shaped by a number of informal and formal institutions, which not only help one to adapt to the everyday life, but are also adaptable themselves.

Children influence the course of the daily life by creating their own customs and spaces in it. Since everyday practices are not freed from values, they evoke a lively and passionate discussion within and between various childhood institutions. Customs and habits associated with everyday practices have been proven to be bound to class and culture but also to be changing and historic. At the same time as everyday routines have an obvious link to children’s health and well-being, they also have a strong cultural system of codes and history. Similarly, we challenge the attendees to reflect on what they think are the material and cultural elements of children’s everyday life today.


6th to 8th June 2016

The conference is held in the premises of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University, both situated approximately 2 km from the city center of Turku.

On 6th to 7th June the conference is held in the premises of the University of Turku, at Publicum and Educarium buildings:

Publicum (University of Turku): Assistentinkatu 7
Educarium (University of Turku): Assistentinkatu 5

On 8th June the conference continues in the beautiful premises of Åbo Akademi University, at Arken building, located just few hundred meters from Publicum and Educarium:

Arken (Åbo Akademi University): Tehtaankatu 2

Find the official program here.

Ms. Hanna Launokorpi
telephone: +358 2 333 6409

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