Intersectoral Health and Environment Research for Innovation (INHERIT) Final Conference on Sustainable and Healthy Living, Moving and Consuming

3. Oktober 2019

10th December 2019, Brussels. Around the world, environmental and social crises are unfolding on an unprecedented scale, posing great threats to human health, well-being, and our very existence. Time is running out: we must act now to ensure that future generations inherit a sustainable future. It is crucial for us […]

Investing in Health Literacy and the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Agenda

27. Februar 2019
Kristine Sorensen

by Kristine Sørensen PhD, MPH. Health literacy is an emerging area of human and societal investment. Moving from the margin to the mainstream – attention has increased worldwide on how to improve the health literacy of people, communities, organizations, systems and societies. Health literacy is linked to literacy and entails […]