Cancer Epigenetics: New Mechanisms, New Therapies (B4)

30. November 2017

10th to 14th February 2018, Breckenridge, CO, USA. The field of epigenetics has recently emerged as an essential component of oncology research, with altered epigenetic modifications considered to be critical hallmarks of cancers. Unlike mutations, epigenetic aberrations are reversible and as a result, epigenetic therapies hold great promise as anti-cancer […]

Understanding our Genes: the Road to Discovering New Therapies

2. November 2017

09th December 2017, Oxford, UK. Our genes are beautifully organised, precisely regulated and amazingly networked to maintain healthy cells and hence healthy bodies. What goes wrong in diseases? What is gene therapy? Join us for a day school to explore this field and address these questions. Searching for new therapeutic agents has […]