CDC’s Health IQ App

10. Oktober 2016

CDC’s interactive, educational, and fun health trivia application, Health IQ, is now available in English and Spanish. As CDC’s first bi-lingual mobile application, now even more users can challenge their Health IQ and learn about health while having fun! Test your Health IQ Do you know the minimum SPF needed […]

NEW event: AppGASTEIN 2016

11. August 2016

On 27 September we will reach out to a relatively new community within the healthcare sector: the app developers. Before the European Health Forum Gastein 2016 opens its doors, this will be a unique and new opportunity for multi-stakeholder consulting – with a specific aim. AppGASTEIN 2016: “Here to stay? […]


30. Juni 2016 is a costless, exclusive online network, developed by and for healthcare professionals across the globe, audited by Deloitte Assuring Medical Apps. It is a secure substitute for WhatsApp combined with a medical LinkedIn and a customized E-Learning Database. Purpose Improving healthcare by sharing knowledge globally. Members can instantly share […]

Birth Control Apps

14. Juni 2016

Mayo Clinic About Birth Control App Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad The Mayo Clinic About Birth Control App offers you a true interactive experience. This app introduces you to all available birth control methods and explains how they work, what they look like, their side effects, and how […]