21. wissenschaftliche Tagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Public Health (ÖGPH)

9. April 2018 at 09:41

23. bis 24. Mai, Wien, Österreich. Die ÖGPH Jahrestagung 2018 findet kurz vor der Österreichischen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft statt. Der Vorsitz forciert gesetzgeberische und politische Entscheidungen und vermittelt Kompromisse unter den Mitgliedstaaten. In verschiedenen Ressorts – so auch im Gesundheitsbereich – wurden Schwerpunkte für die EU-Ratspräsidentschaft formuliert. Was bedeuten diese auf EU-Ebene […]

Health and Sustainable Development – Bold political choices for Agenda 2030

8. Februar 2018 at 14:12

This is the main theme of the 2018 edition of the European Health Forum Gastein. What is the rationale behind it? First of all, 2018 is a big year for health – and thus the perfect moment in time to focus on what lies ahead. The Universal Declaration of Human […]

No creativity without confrontation – EHFG 2017 Outcomes

3. Dezember 2017 at 14:08

The 20th edition of the European Health Forum Gastein centred around the theme of Health in All Politics – a better future for Europe. One of its key insights was coined by newly elected EHFG President Dr Clemens Martin Auer: There is no creativity without confrontation. Now more than ever, […]

Erasmus+ Project Nursing on the Move

3. Oktober 2016 at 10:00

Are you a professional or a pre-professional nurse? Do you use a second or foreign language at work? Do you have a friend who speaks a foreign language at work or has a cultural background different from colleagues/customers? Have you ever been in this situation? Not knowing how to comfort a […]

Background of the Erasmus+ Project Nursing on the Move – Why do we need Nursing on the Move?

3. Oktober 2016 at 08:54

Project summary written by Prof. Kris van de Poel, University of Antwerp Nursing is a mobile profession. Large-scale, targeted recruitment by developed countries to address domestic shortages (Report open consultation Green Paper European Workforce for Health 2009) intensifies the need for focused communication training for nurses and other medical care […]