POC Vienna 2016 – Prevention Models of Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases

11th to 12th November 2016, Vienna, Austria.


The WHO declared obesity – especially in children and adolescents – as the most challenging health problem of the 21st century. Recent data from more than 19 million participants indicate that if the post 2000 trends continue, by 2025 global obesity prevalence will reach 17% in men and 21% in women. As an answer, the WHO and the EU claimed to implement effective measures to halt the rise of the epidemy of obesity and consequent diseases.

Several projects in various countries are the one way, however there is no program which could be an example for large-scale successful programs in order to counter act the global obesity challenge.

Concomitant with obesity, cardiovascular diseases are the main cause for early disabilities and can be much more easier prevented – mostly trough drug therapy.

We will bring experts in that field together and really hope that new models, regimes for early and sucessful prevention models will be presented and discussed.prater-1549955__180

Vienna presents itself as a modern city with high tradition and offers many attractions from arts, music and science. The congress team will be happy to welcome you in Vienna and will support you in any aspect to make your visit unique.


General information

Date: 11th to 12th November 2016

Location: College of Physicians in Vienna, Frankgasse 8, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Registration: For information on registration and fees please click here.

Schedule: Find the schedule here.


Published in GI-Mail 09/2016 (English edition). Sign up for GI-Mail here.

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