Microbiology Webinars from the Federal Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS)

anytime, online.

FEMS is delighted to develop a series of webinars to discuss key research published in the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) journal portfolio, as a way to bring some of the benefits of scientific conferences to the comfort of your own home. We hope these will be valuable resources for the microbiology community currently unable to attend the conferences in person due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This series of webinars will continue to run throughout early 2021, and is part of our commitment to creating a connected, collaborative community of microbiologists, no matter what our current world may bring. Share experiences, knowledge, research outcomes and best practices, and hear from the scientists behind key research published in the FEMS journals. 

Information on upcoming events will be regularly updated below, and you can also explore recordings of past webinars.

Upcoming event

FEMS Yeast Research Webinar on Genomic Insights into Yeast Diversity and Evolution

Thursday 28 January 2021, 10am EDT / 3pm GMT/ 4pm CET

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This webinar will explore how technological advances in genome analysis give important insights into the diversity and evolution of yeasts. The speakers will discuss how studying the genomes of a wide range of strains from different ecological or geographical origins allows the detection of genomic signatures of pathogenicity, domestication and niche adaptation. They will also offer new genome-level perspectives on how yeast species emerge and diversify over different evolutionary time-scales.


General Information
Date: anytime

Location: online

For more information and detailed program visit the website.

Published in GI-Mail 01/2021 (English edition).

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