International Conference on Communication in Healthcare 2020
Part 2

15th to 16th April 2021, online.

We are delighted to invite you to the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare 2020 Part 2: Online.

This online conference will be an opportunity for you to take part in the second part of our 2020 ICCH programme. It will bring together the community of healthcare researchers, teachers, practitioners and policy makers from around the globe. It provides a unique opportunity for the international and interactive exchange of ideas and products of education, research and policy activities across individuals and institutions.

Keynote speakers who will challenge and inspire our work include:

  • Lidia Del Piccolo, Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology, Verona University, Italy Emotions as a clinical tool
  • Dame Lesley Fallowfield, Professor of Psycho Oncology, University of Sussex, UK Developing successful educational programmes: ensuring communication topics resonate with healthcare professionals’ perceived needs, not just what educators believe are important

What EACH does?

EACH develops, promotes and teaches effective healthcare communication worldwide.

It exists to provide an academic and practical professional community to those involved in investigating and improving communication in healthcare. Through EACH, researchers, educators, practitioners and policy makers share their expertise to understand and enhance communication between health care providers, patients, and their families.

How EACH does it?
EACH members share their expertise in healthcare communication with each other and the broader community through many ongoing opportunities.

Annual International conferences on health care communication bringing together the community of researchers, educators, practitioners and policy makers.

General Information
Date: 15th to 16th April 2021


For more information and detailed program visit the website or have a look into the folder.

The event is sponsored by QPercom. 


Published in GI-Mail 02/2021 & 03/2021 (English & German edition).

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