German network against Neglected Tropical Diseases

Logo_DNTDsWorldwide, more than one billion people are unable to work, blinded, disfigured, or handicapped by neglected tropical diseases (NTDs); many of them die. The most impoverished members of the population, above all women and children, are the most severely affected. Children do not attend school regularly, women and children cannot work. Many of them are stigmatized by their communities. Successful prevention and treatment are to some extent already possible. However, the available methods, vaccines and medicines often do not reach the patients. In addition, there are still big gaps in prevention, control and treatment. Research and development into neglected tropical diseases must therefore urgently continue. The development of vaccines and medicines is indispensable in order to effectively fight multiple NTDs.

In industrialized countries, these diseases barely play a role owing to better hygiene and more moderate climate conditions. They are most widespread in poor countries located in the tropics and subtropics. Yet these areas often suffer from a lack of financial resources or medical infrastructure required to fight them. However, with suitable treatment programs and research plans, these diseases can be cured or the outbreak prevented from the start. Owing to joint efforts by civil society, politicians, science and business, an initial foundation has already been laid. The aim now is to jointly expand research, prevention and treatment activities as well to ensure that new medicines, vaccines and measures are developed. Existing medicines and vaccines must actually reach patients. This will help to eliminate many neglected tropical diseases in the foreseeable future.

The network

With support from international partners, the German network against neglected tropical diseases forms a national platform in Germany designed to heighten awareness of this group of diseases and raise the level of commitment in Germany to fighting them. The German network wishes to support the World Health Organization (WHO) in controlling, eliminating or even eradicating at least ten of the 17 neglected tropical diseases.


The German network consisting of various representatives from the fields of politics, science, civil society and business endeavors to

– inform the public about the topic and draw more attention to neglected tropical diseases;
– convince politicians of the urgency of this topic;
– rally more support in Germany for programs to prevent and control NTDs.

For more information please visit the official website.



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