Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery Course

16th to 19th August and 18th to 21st November 2015, Pittsburgh, USA

Endoscopic-Endonasal-Surgery-Course-University-of-PittsburghThis comprehensive 4-day course is a presentation of minimally invasive techniques for endoscopic endonasal surgery of the pituitary fossa and cranial base. Experts on the subject will present the anatomical and technical aspects of this procedure along with risks, benefits and outcomes.

The course features interactive live surgery, fresh anatomical specimen dissection (including skills stations, anatomical models, and state-of-the-art endoscopic equipment with image guidance), lectures and videos, 3D anatomy lectures, and case presentations.  Participants will have an opportunity to enhance their knowledge regarding endoscopic surgery of the cranial base and pituitary fossa using minimally invasive techniques.

This course is sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine’s Center for Continuing Education in the Health Sciences, the Department of Neurological Surgery, the Department of Otolaryngology, and the UPMC Center for Cranial Base Surgery.

Course Schedule
Day 1: Lectures: Principles, Anatomy, Levels I & II (Sinuses, Pituitary, CSF Leaks); Cadaver Dissection, Prosection, 3D Anatomy

Day 2: Live Surgery; Lectures: Endonasal Modules, Level III (Extradural Cranial Base, Sagittal Plane); Cadaver Dissection, Prosection, 3D Anatomy

Day 3: Lectures: Levels IV & V (Intradural Cranial Base, Coronal Plane); Cadaver Dissection, Prosection, 3D Anatomy

Day 4: Lectures: Complications & Outcomes; Case Discussions, Cadaver Dissection, Prosection, 3D Anatomy

Who Should Attend
This advanced course is designed for neurosurgeons, otolaryngologists, head and neck surgeons, and skull base surgeons who are interested in the most recent developments in endoscopic surgery of the cranial base and pituitary fossa.

Participation by all individuals is encouraged. Advance notification of any special needs will help us provide better service.

Course Objectives
Following completion of this course, participants should be able to:
– Review 3D anatomic relationships of the sphenoid sinus and ventral skull base.
– Describe minimally invasive approaches for endoscopic surgery of the cranial base and pituitary fossa.
– Identify methods to avoid and manage major complications of endoscopic surgery of the cranial base and pituitary fossa.

What Other Participants Are Saying
Here’s what participants from our most recent course had to say:

“Fantastic course—especially for residents.”

“I have attended many courses all over the world but this was definitely the best and in short time, learnt the maximum about skull base surgery. All arrangements were perfect and of very high standard.”

“Outstanding course. The best I have attended in 15 years of practice. Skull base team works well together—very educational, very approachable.”

“Excellent course. Very well organized. By all means, this was the best course I have ever attended.”

“The 3D anatomical presentations were very good and I enjoyed the live case presentation.”

Registration Fees

Full Course/Hands On Registration:
$3,000 Single Registrant (1 cadaver head x 1 registrant) *
$5,000 Team Registration (1 cadaver head x 2 registrants)

Includes course handout, all lectures, hands-on cadaver dissection, and all meals/social events listed in the program.

* Endoscopic endonasal surgery is performed by two surgeons (four hands). Since there is a limited number of lab assistants available to help individual registrants, we highly recommend registering as a team as it is difficult to perform the anatomical specimen dissections with only two hands.

Observer/Lectures Only Registration:
$1,000 (includes course handout, all lectures and meals/social events listed in the program but does not include hands-on cadaver dissection).
Reduced registration fees are available for residents and fellows in training.

University-of-PittsburghTo register, please contact:

Mary Jo Tutchko, Conference Manager
UPMC Center for Cranial Base Surgery
200 Lothrop Street, EEI 500
Pittsburgh PA 15213
Phone: (001) 412-647-8186
Fax: (001) 412-647-2080
E-mail: tutchkomj@upmc.edu


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