eHealth: Combining Psychology, Technology and Health

futurelearn_logo_150Start: 23rd May 2016, online course.

How can technology make you healthy? Learn about the design, application, implementation and evaluation of eHealth.

About the Course

eHealth refers to the use of technologies to improve well-being, health, and healthcare. It is an umbrella term that captures concepts about the health context, technology, and people.

In this free online course, we will provide you with insight into the domain of eHealth, describe methods to develop eHealth, and explain theories that enable behaviour change and facilitate implementation. You will also understand how eHealth technologies are developed and used in practice, by means of a variety of case studies, assignments and examples.

This course pays attention to the perspectives of the eHealth developers, patients, healthcare professionals and healthy people who want to improve or maintain their health and wellbeing.

After finishing this course, you will have new knowledge about eHealth, acquired relevant eHealth skills, and gained insight into the use of eHealth in practice.

General Information:

  • FREE online course

  • Duration: 6 weeks

  • 3 hours per week

  • Certificates available

Find more infomation on the online course here.

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