Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene

Start: 27th February 2017, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

lstm_logoThis programme is particularly useful for physicians who have trained in medicine in a developed country but intend to practise in the tropics. It is also useful for physicians already practising in developing countries who require an update on infectious, parasitic and other health problems and for doctors in developed countries who need to diagnose and manage imported infections. It is recognised as fulfilling part of the requirements for the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Certificate in Travel Medicine.

Teaching methods

The programme is a highly intensive course with lectures, practicals, tutorials and a range of seminars which provide opportunities for small group work. Much of the practical work in the Dagnall laboratory is hands-on, backed up with a range of demonstration materials, and facilitated by academic and technical staff.


Student progress is monitored during the course through formative assessment which provides students with an indication of their progress (the results of these assessments do not contribute to the final mark), regular revisions in parasitology and vector biology contain a range of self-assessment exercises (staff are available for immediate discussion within individual or small groups of students) and a summative assessment (the award of Diploma is based on the results of examinations held at the end of the course).


Course Details

Course type: Professional Diploma

Director of studies: Dr Tim O’Dempsey

Duration: 13 Weeks

Home fee: £6,000 (16/17 Academic Year)

Overseas fee: £6,000 (16/17 Academic Year)

Find more information about the programme here.


Published in GI-Mail 11/2016 (English edition). Sign up for GI-Mail here.  

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