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Are you a professional or a pre-professional?

Do you use a second or foreign language at work?
Do you have a friend who speaks a foreign language at work or has a cultural background different from colleagues/customers?

One way of structuring your talk is by chunking. ‘Chunking’ means breaking down longer and more complex explanations into digestible pieces, or ‘chunks’. This can help patient understanding and recall because smaller pieces of information are easier to process.

After you give a piece of information, check that patients have understood what you want to say. You may do this by asking explicitly whether patients have understood or by observing patients’ nonverbal responses.  Only move on to the next ‘chunk’ when you are confident a patient has understood the previous chunk.


-I will now tell you what I think is wrong,

then what I expect to happen and

finally what can be done.


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Counselling and Communication Skills for Medical and Health Practitioners

by R. Bayne, P. Nicolson and I. Horton

This is a highly practical handbook aimed specifically at medical and health care professionals. The book begins with an overview of the main issues of counselling and communication looking also at the importance of self-care from both a personal and organizational perspective. Basic counselling and communication skills are followed by their application to specialised settings including sexual health, child health, infertility and rehabilitation… shop the book

How do lay people assess the quality of physicians’ communicative responses to patients’ emotional cues and concerns? An international multicentre study based on videotaped medical consultations

by M. A. Mazzi, J. Bensing, M. Rimondini, I. Fletcher, L.Van Vliet, C. Zimmermann, M. Deveugele

Objective: to establish which kind of physician communicative responses to patient cues and concerns are appreciated by lay people… read more

Coaching Clinicians for Enhanced Performance

November 2016, New Haven, CT, USA
Find more information here.

Tip: More up to date educational events dealing with communication for doctors and health professionals can be found online in the Education Database »medicine & health«.

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