Basics in Pharmacoepidemiology

eu2p_logoonline course, starting September 2015

– to understand how to evaluate the effects of medicines and therapeutic interventions both during drug development and clinical use.
– to know the main methodological and ethical characteristics and limitations of randomized clinical trials.
– to understand the differences between efficacy and effectiveness.
– to know the basic concepts and classification of the pharmacoepidemiological studies designed to evaluate therapeutic interventions.
– to identify information gaps in selected therapeutic areas (e.g. cardiovascular, psychiatry, diabetes care).

– Patients, medicines and prescribing in society. Life cycle of medicines.
– The knowledge-building process of the effects and adverse effects of medicines during their development and clinical use.
– Overview of studies to detect and to evaluate the risk associated with therapeutic interventions. Scope, uses and limitations.
– The need to monitor the medicines prescribing process.
– Introduction to the study of the use of medicines in clinical practice.

Trainers’ team
Janice Fuller (from Amgen NV), Albert Figueras [module coordinator], Prof. Joan-Ramon Laporte, Joseph-Maria Castel, Eduard Diogène, Roser Llop, Dr Dolores Rodriguez (from Fundació Institut Catalá de Farmacologia – Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), Jamie Robinson (from F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd) and Ulf Bergman (from Karolinska Institutet)

Level Introductory
Workload 3ECTS credits
Training mode e-learning
Language English
Eu2P training affiliation Certificate in Medicines and public health
Master Year 1




Academic session 2015-2016
Application From January 26th, 2015 to September 04th, 2015
Selection September 07th, 2015
Registration From September 11th, 2015 to September 18th, 2015
Programme From September 28th, 2015 to December 04th, 2015

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