Addiction Medicine: An Introduction

self-paced, online.

An introduction to the science, neurobiology, and stigma surrounding addiction. Addiction is a disease that continues to cost the global community a staggering amount, both financially and in lives lost.

Overcome the treatment barriers for patients with a substance use disorder

Despite these consequences, patients with substance use disorders (SUD) often do not receive the treatment they need. Treatment barriers include stigma around substance use, inadequate medical training, skepticism about medications and treatment, and lack of clinician confidence in treating patients with addiction.

On this ExpertTrack, you’ll learn evidence-based treatments to help you overcome these barriers and provide better care for your patients.

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of providing patient-centred treatment which has been shown to increase survival and recovery of patients with addiction.

Gain knowledge and skills for treating SUDs through chronic care management

Through an interactive, application-focused approach, you will build a foundation for understanding and practicing the treatment of SUDs through a chronic care management model.

You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to treat addiction as a chronic disease, helping you improve your quality of care.

Understand the impacts of stigma on addiction treatment

Stigma is a significant barrier to addiction treatment. SUD stigma, which is often internalised as shame by patients, can prevent them from seeking help or adhering to treatment regimens.

On this ExpertTrack, you will explore the stigma surrounding addiction and examine how attitudes, beliefs, and stigma regarding SUD patients impact therapeutic response, treatment effectiveness, and outcomes.

You will also discover how stigmatising language negatively influences healthcare providers’ perceptions and what you can do to eliminate this.

General Information

Date: self-paced

Location: online

For more information and detailed program visit the website.

Published in GI-Mail 09/2022 (English edition).

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