8th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment

14th to 16th September 2016, Barcelona, Spain.


Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in society with regard to exposure to environmental stressors. There is still a lot to be done to protect children. We can learn from many professionals about the latest developments. The 8th International Network on Children’s Health, Environment and Safety (INCHES) Conference is organised in Barcelona.


The conference has the following objectives:

  • to provide an international forum for the latest research findings in children’s environmental health
  • to define the relationship between environmental contaminants and children’s health
  • to strengthen the importance of prenatal exposure to environmental factors on pregnancy outcome and children’s health
  • to identify opportunities to minimize childhood prenatal and postnatal exposure to environmental contaminants
  • to provide insight in the activities in the field of science and policy interface
  • to build a platform of knowledge at an international level
  • to develop a greater awareness among health professionals about children’s health and the environment
  • to initiate future directions in research in the field of children’s environmental health


General information

Date: 14th to 16th September 2016

Location: Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona, Doctor Aiguader, 88 (at CREAL), Barcelona, Spain

Registration: For information on registration and fees please click here.


Tip: More up to date educational events can be found online in the Education Database »medicine & health«.

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