16th Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM)

29th January to 1st February 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

“On behalf of ESSM, EFS, the Turkish Society of Andrology and Turkish Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies (TACBP) – it’s our pleasure to welcome you to the 16th Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM), to be held in Istanbul from 29 January to 1 February 2014.

For the first time the annual ESSM congress will be joint by the biannual congress of the European Federation of Sexology (EFS) and The Turkish Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies.

Since four millennia Anatolia with Istanbul as one of the world’s largest cities has been a cradle of multicultural civilizations, a melting pot of different cultures and religions integrating in an admirable way occidental and oriental history and traditions. Features and symbols of sexuality are present in many places of Anatolia and witnessed by books, shrines, statues and other cultural relics. The advancing science of Sexual Medicine is mirrored in the scientific programs of the annual ESSM congresses, and both the country and the venue hosting this event traditionally contribute to the success of this congress. We have no doubt that Istanbul, appointed as the cultural capital city of Europe in 2010, and sharing the spirit of old and new European and Asian culture, will inspire the science of the congress.


An innovative scientific program reflecting sexual problems of both sexes and beyond that addressing hot topics of sexuality will be developed by the scientific committee to update you in person, attending this memorable venue, and the whole scientific community with latest and exciting achievements in Sexual Medicine. The mixture of pioneers and leaders as well as new upstarts in the field of Sexual Medicine longing for recognition and success is finally the secret recipe of the permanent successes of the ESSM congresses.

In Istanbul ESSM and EFS will continue with its traditional and successful strategies to share science and practice oriented guidance in state of the art lectures, master-lectures, round-tables, workshops, podium and poster sessions presented or moderated by renowned experts and outstanding specialists in the various topics of interest. As in the past we will accentuate the educational program in the Istanbul congress by offering the meanwhile traditional ABC Master Course, running in parallel to the scientific program ,replenished by theme oriented instructional courses and workshops jointly offered by ESSM and EFS.

By tradition the ESSM and EFS congresses are not only the stage for high level science in Sexual Medicine and Sexology but also provide the opportunity to meet old and to become acquainted with new friends. We are very positive that the spectacular and historical environment of the ancient city of Istanbul with its multicultural flare will finally cast a spell over you, your spouses and your friends at latest when you feel the breeze blowing over at the Bosporus from Asia.

Carpe diem, take your chance and let’s spend together memorable days in Istanbul you and your accompanying friends will absolutely enjoy.

The European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) is a not-for-profit, multidisciplinary,  academic and scientific organisation dedicated to male and female sexual health and dysfunction.

The main purposes of the ESSM are:

  • To promote research and exchange of knowledge about the clinical entity of sexual dysfunction in Europe.
  • To establish and support the highest standards of ethics in the field of sexual dysfunction.
  • To promote the cooperation and improve interaction between European researchers
  • To provide education to clinicians who had limited or no experience in the field,
  • as well as continuing education to those involved in the management of sexual dysfunction.
  • To provide patients, the public and the media with accurate and updated information
  • To develop programs, promoting public and health authorities’ awareness within Europe


For more information please visit our website

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Tip: More up to date educational events dealing with “Sexual Medicine” can be found online on the Education Database »medicine & health«.

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