10th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH)

16th to 20th October 2017, Antwerp, Belgium.


The main objective of the European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH) 2017 is to provide a platform for state-of-the-art updates and recent breakthroughs in the field of tropical medicine and global health. Plenaries, scientific sessions and symposia will deal with a broad range of biomedical, clinical and epidemiological updates. Global infectious diseases (malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS) as well as tropical and poverty-related health problems will be put in the spotlight.

Strategies for control, elimination or eradication of communicable diseases will be reviewed, from epidemic responsiveness to integration in sustainable health systems. Non-communicable diseases, the organisation and financing of health systems and a wide range of other global health issues will be on the agenda. Cross-cutting themes will include diagnostic innovation, drug resistance and development, global research ethics and the role of social sciences in international health research.

Societal relevance

ECTMIH 2017 will translate scientific progress in societal impact, and promote evidence-based practices and policies, especially for poor and neglected communities. In addition, it will be a forum for reflection on the role and position of tropical medicine, global health and international cooperation in the 21st century, taking into consideration disruptive changes such as human migration, environmental evolution, technological innovation and political power shifts.

Critical input will be ensured by a strong representation from the South, global thinkers, policy and decision makers. The meeting will also include debates on the role of cooperation agencies as well as of scientific institutes in the field of global health.


ECTMIH 2017 will have a broad and inclusive agenda that appeals to all scientists and experts working in the field of tropical, international and global health. The sessions will focus on a range of tracks, each of which will be coordinated by three members of the Scientific Committee (one of ITM – Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine, one of another Belgian institution, one international member).

For each track a scientific subcommittee will be constituted with institutional, national and international members. Within each track, a series of themes will be explored in specific oral or poster sessions, symposia, debates and other formats.


General Information

Date: 16th to 20th October 2017

Flanders Meeting and Convention Center Antwerp
Koningin Astridplein 20
2018 Antwerp

Registration: For more information on registration click here.

Programme: Find the programme here.

Contact: ectmih@medicongress.com

Visit the congress website.

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