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In the special section you will find the postscript of our conference "Health Care Communication in Intercultural Settings" which took place in June 2017 – for those who took part as well as for those who missed it!

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Birmingham Anaesthesia Schools: BASDART Course

22nd September 2017, Worcester, United Kingdom.

Difficult Airway Society BASDARTThis difficult airway rescue techniques course is aimed at anyone wishing to enhance or practice their skills in managing the expected and unexpected difficult airway. While initially advertised to anaesthetic trainees, recent courses have been attended by operating department practitioners (ODPs), emergency physicians and more.

The course lasts one day and consists of an introductory lecture, scenario practice and discussion, lectures from experienced faculty... read more

Workshop: Cardiac Mapping

Cardiac Mapping23rd to 24th November 2017, Berlin, Germany.

This workshop offers dedicated training on the principles and applications for quantitative tissue characterization using different mapping techniques.

The course focuses on advantages and limitations of novel pulse sequences for parametric mapping and their clinical applications for assessing fibrotic, inflammatory and infiltrative cardiomyopathies, myocardial edema and iron overload... read more

Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everday Life

University of ChicagoStart: anytime, Online Course.

The online course „Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life“ is designed to be self-contained and accessible to anyone, from non-scientists interested in the material to those who have already had some formal training in neurobiology.

In this course you will learn how the nervous system produces behavior, how we use our brain every day, and how neuroscience can explain the common problems afflicting people today... read more

Wilderness Medical Society’s Desert Medicine Conference

21st to 24th September 2017, Tucson, AZ, USA. Desert Medicine Conference

The meeting will feature expert faculty who will cover such topics as desert survival, dehydration and rehydration issues and heat-related illnesses.

We will also explore the envenomators of the southwest, with lectures on venomous reptiles, scorpions, tarantulas and killer bees. An evening presentation about the Desert Night Sky will take you to the stars... read more

22nd International Conference on Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases

22nd to 23rd September 2017, Boston, MA, USA. Functional Food Center Conference

The Functional Food Center (FFC) is pleased to announce its 22nd International Conference „Functional and Medical Foods for Chronic Diseases: Bioactive Compounds and Biomarkers“. The conference will be held in the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

This conference will bring together experts in medicinebiology, and the food industry to discuss the functional foods with bioactive compounds as dietary interventions for chronic diseases... read more

14th International Conference on Urban Health

26th to 29th September 2017, Coimbra, Portugal. International Conference on Urban Health

The 14th International Conference on Urban Health will bring together researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, health and urban stakeholders and community leaders to exchange ideas and advance research and practice that promote the health of individuals in urban settings, with special focus on the needs of individuals who belong to disadvantaged groups.

The theme of the conference, Health Equity: The New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals, places emphasis on the importance of health equity as a cross-cutting theme in urban settings... read more
Quick Tips
14th World Conference - Global Perspectives in Esophageal Diseases
2nd to 5th September 2017, Geneva, Switzerland
Find more information here.

5th International Conference on Sustainable Developement

6th to 7th September 2017, Rome, Italy
Find more information here.

Science for Action
6th to 8th September 2017, Barcelona, Spain
Find more information here.

10th Annual Perspectives in Rheumatic Diseases Conference
15th to 16th September 2017, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Find more information here.

The 23rd World Congress of Neurology
16th to 21st September 2017, Kyoto, Japan
Find more information here

Joint Annual Meeting of the German Society of Infectious Diseases (DGI) and the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF)
28th to 30th September 2017, Hamburg, Germany
Find more information here.

Pituitary Disease Conference
29th September 2017, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Find more information here.

Postscript of the conference "Health Care Communication in Intercultural Settings – From Challenge to Success"

Nursing on the MoveOn 7th June 2017, our conference „Healthcare Communication in Intercultural Settings: From Challenge to Success “ took place. More than 80 persons from 12 countries participated in the conference - we thank you for your interest!

Communication was the central topic of the conference. Especially in the medicine & health sectors, efficient communication is necessary to ensure high-quality treatment of patients... read more

Epocrates App

Epocrates App LogoAccording to the Manhattan Research's Taking the Pulse® the Epocrates App is the Number 1 medical reference app among U.S. physicians.

With this application you can review drug prescribing and safety information for thousands of brand, generic and OTC drugs, check for potentially
harmful drug-drug interactions... read more

Assistenzarzt (w/m) für Anästhesie

Going International Anästhesie JobWir suchen einen Assistenzarzt (w/m) für Anästhesie mit
hoher Motivation und Bereitschaft zur harmonischen Mitarbeit.
Bei dieser Stelle werden Ihnen interessante und abwechslungsreiche anästhesiologische Tätigkeiten im OP und auf der operativen Intensivstation geboten.

Unser Mandant ist ein modernes Klinikum mit einem Anästhesie Zentrum für operative Intensivmedizin, Notfallmedizin und Schmerztherapie... read more

Assistenzarzt (w/m) für Psychiatrie
und Psychotherapie Going International Psychiatrie Job

Gesucht wird ein Assistenzarzt (w/m) für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, der psychiatrische Patienten betreut und versorgt. Zu den weiteren Aufgaben zählen die Mitarbeit im gesamten Aufgabenspektrum der Klinik (Station, Aufnahme) und die Teilnahme am psychiatrischen Bereitschaftsdienst

Das Krankenhaus liegt in einer landschaftlich reizvollen Umgebung mit hohem Freizeitwert und guter Verkehrsanbindung...  read more

Doctopia Jobs: Mutterhaus der Borromäerinnen

Doctopia JobsAssistenzarzt (w/m) für Kinder- und Jugend-Psychiatrie 
Die Abteilung verfügt über 30 Betten, verteilt auf 3 Stationen, eine Institutsambulanz sowie eine Tagesklinik mit 10 Behandlungsplätzen.
Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

Assistenzarzt (w/m) für die radioonkologische Station
Die Klinik für Strahlentherapie und Radioonkologie und das Medizinische Versorgungszentrum am Mutterhaus der Borromäerinnen bieten das gesamte Spektrum der modernen Strahlentherapie an. 
Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

Assistenzarzt (w/m) für Allgemein-, Viszeral-, Thorax-, Unfall- und Tumorchirurgie

Die Abteilung verfügt z. Z. über 80 Planbetten mit einem Stellenplan von 1-7-10 und versorgt über 3900 stationäre Patienten und eine große Zahl ambulante Patienten.
Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

Assistenzarzt (w/m) für Laboratoriumsmedizin

Einblick1Wir suchen einen Assistenzarzt (w/m) für Laboratoriumsmedizin für die fachliche und medizinische Betreuung, Befundung und Diagnostik in allen relevanten Bereichen der Labormedizin.

Zu Ihren Aufgabengebieten zählen die Beratung der ärztlichen Kollegen bei den diversen labormedizinischen Fragestellungen und Sie sind ferner in den Fachbereichen Mikrobiologische Diagnostik, Infektionsserologie und Transfusionsmedizin und Sonderuntersuchungen tätig... read more

Assistenzarzt (w/m) in Weiterbildung Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie
Going International Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie Job

Gesucht wird ein Arzt mit abgeschlossenem Studium und in der Schweiz anerkanntem Staatsexamen und Interesse an diagnostischer, psychotherapeutischer und forensischer Arbeit.

Unsere Kliniken sind den modernen Grundsätzen einer respektvollen, menschlichen und patientenorientierten Psychiatrie verpflichtet, die sich an den neusten Erkenntnissen des Fachs orientiert...  read more

Jobs and Career in Germany or Austria

Jobs and Career in Germany or SwitzerlandIf you are a medical specialist or a medical assistant with good knowledge of the German language (level C1), apply now at Going International for these specialities:
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  • Radiology
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You can also find a wide range of job vacancies in the German job newsletter.

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