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We would like to draw your attention to the special of the month, where you will find the second part of Health at a Glance 2020: "Air Pollution and Its Impact on Health in Europe" and an article about the European Health Union tackling a "more Europe" approach.

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COVID-19 Mass Gatherings Risk Assessment Training

anytime, online.
COVID-19 Mass Gatherings Risk Assessment Training
The purpose of this course is to provide guidance for health authorities and organizers of mass gatherings in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the specific aim of containing risks associated with transmission of this infection.

The training describes the risk-based approach that WHO recommends to aid health authorities and event organizers in their planning for upcoming mass gatherings amid the current COVID-19 pandemic... read more

Second ESCMID Course on Zoonosis

26th to 28th May 2021, Saint Maxime, France. Second ESCMID course on zoonosis

The course objectives of the ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course are to improve knowledge about epidemiology of the most frequent and most severe zoonoses, such as to improve their management, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The target audience involves all healthcare professionals interested in zoonosis such as clinical physicians, microbiologists and public health physicians... read more

International Conference on Communication in Healthcare 2020
Part 2

15th to 16th April 2021, online. International Conference on Communication in Healthcare 2020 Part 2

This online conference will be an opportunity for you to take part in
the second part of our 2020 ICCH programme. It will bring together
the community of healthcare researchers, teachers, practitioners
and policy makers
from around the globe.

It provides a unique opportunity for the international and interactive exchange of ideas and products of education, research and policy activities across individuals and institutions... read more

International Vaccines and Virology Conference

10th to 11th June 2021, London, UK.
International Vaccines and Virology Conference
The International Vaccines and Virology Conference welcomes you to share your research findings, promote knowledge exchange and network with a broad audience in the field of microbiology and immunology. 

i-Vaccines 2021 is an annual gathering for researchers, practitioners and educators to share the insights and discuss the recent innovations, research, concerns as well as practical challenges encountered, and development to improve the healthcare sector’s preventive and cure needs... read more

Quick Tips

31st Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology
24th to 27th March 2021, online

3rd World Congress on Maternal, Fetal Neonatal Medicine - Virtual Congress
25th to 27th March 2021, online

Gene Therapy Comparability

30th March to 1st April 2021, online

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: Organising Effective Responses (SRHResp)

12th April to 3rd May 2021, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

6th International Knee Update
15th to 17th April 2021, Davos, Switzerland

10th World Congress of Melanoma in conjunction with the 17th EADO Congress - Interactive Virtual Meeting
15th to 17th April 2021, online


Health at a Glance 2020: Public Health Issues Part 2
Air Pollution and Its Impact on Health in Europe

Health at a Glance 2020: Public Health Issues Part 1Air pollution is the main environmental risk factor for health in Europe and around the world. It has substantial health, economic and welfare consequences, including ill-health and greater premature mortality, increased health care costs, as well as reduced labour productivity and economic output in some sectors (e.g. agriculture and forestry sectors). This OECD contribution reviews the health and welfare impacts of air pollution in Europe.

The main sources of air pollution arise from the burning of fossil fuels in energy production, transport and households, and from some industrial and agricultural activities. Depending on the methods of estimation, between
168 000 and 346 000 premature deaths across all EU member states in 2018 can be attributed to exposure to outdoor air pollution in the form of fine particles (PM2.5) alone. This represented 4% to 7% of all deaths in 2018... read more

European Health Union: A Greater Role for the EU in Health

As we continue to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and begin charting
a recovery course, we European Health Union: A Greater Role for the EU in Health can, and must, do better – now and in the future.
This crisis calls for “more Europe” - a greater role for the European
Union (EU) in health
, a renewed concentration on our shared core values, and the commitment to create a legal basis that can empower the EU to protect and secure health across the continent.  

The pandemic has spurred discussions about what was lacking in the EU response to COVID-19, and which prerequisites are needed to facilitate a strong and united response in the future. These conversations gave additional momentum to the creation of a bottom-up campaign for a European Health Union (EHU), which supports the vision of a EHU presented by the European Commission to strengthen solidarity, commonly address cross-border threats, and provide security for EU citizens. Yet, the EHU Initiative goes further than these goals and looks beyond COVID-19 by addressing longer-term and more comprehensive issues... read more

COVID-19 Severity Affected by Proportion of Antibodies Targeting Crucial Viral Protein
Stanford Medicine
COVID-19 antibodies preferentially target a different part of the virus in mild cases than
they do in severe cases, and wane significantly within several months of infection, according to a new study by researchers at Stanford Medicine. The findings identify new links between the course of the disease and a patient’s immune response... read more

2020 New York Times Voices
The New York Times, USA
Hector Retamal remembers taking the train from Shanghai to Wuhan, China, in January, as the city was locking down: A woman approached him and asked where he was going.“‘It’s no good. It’s dangerous. Don’t go to Wuhan,’” he recalled her saying. “People were really afraid of the virus.” Mr. Retamal arrived to find a deserted train station and a ghost town of a city of some 11 million people... read more

Three Ways Forward in a Post Covid-19 World
Firstly, working with other sectors is fundamental to deal with the myriad of mitigation measures in the best possible ways. Secondly, investing in the social side of crisis preparedness is as important as biomedical preparedness. And thirdly, strengthening health promotion needs to finally get off the ground... read more

GHD|EMPHNET Launches Online Courses on Response to Public Emergencies
The Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network
These three courses cover the areas of “Infection Prevention and Control,” “Risk Communication,” and “Rapid Response Teams for COVID-19.” The courses adopt the online self-based learning model whereby sessions are designed to be interactive ... read more


Pflegekraft für die Intensivstation (m/w/d)* Pflegekraft für die Intensivstation (m/w/d)

Sie arbeiten in einer der größten Klinikgruppen Deutschlands, hier haben
Sie Zugang zu vielen geförderten Fort- und Weiterbildungen. Sie
erhalten einen sicheren Arbeitsplatz mit flexiblen Arbeitszeiten und
einer attraktiven Vergütung sowie Zusatzleistungen... weiterlesen


Stationsleitung Innere Medizin Privat- und Palliativpatienten (m/w/d)*

Stationsleitung (m/w/d) Innere Medizin Privat- und Palliativpatienten
Das Klinikum für Akut-Versorgung sucht eine Stationsleitung mit langfristiger Berufsperspektive. Sie arbeiten in einem kollegialen
Betrieb mit exzellenten Sozialleistungen
in einer der schönsten Tourismus-Regionen in Österreich... weiterlesen


Oberarzt für Neurologie (m/w/d)*

Oberarzt für Neurologie (m/w/d)
Das akademische Lehrkrankenhaus mit ca. 500 Betten bietet Ihnen eine Leitungsposition mit attraktiven Vergütungen. Der Standort ist bekannt für seine besonders schönen Naherholungs-Gebiete, wir unterstützen Sie bei der Wohnungssuche... weiterlesen


Doctopia Jobs

Leitender Oberarzt für Infektionsprävention und Klinikhygiene (m/w/d)
Das Institut für Infektionsprävention und Klinikhygiene betreut in der Region Heilbronn-Franken drei Akutklinikstandorte, eine geriatrische Rehaklinik sowie eine Langzeitpflegeeinrichtung mit Beatmungspflege. Wir beraten die Kliniken und Mitarbeiter in allen Fragen der Prävention und des Managements von Patienten mit Infektionskrankheiten. Das Institut koordiniert und organisiert an den Klinikstandorten außerdem die Aktivitäten des Antibiotic Stewardship-Programms. Das akkreditierte Wasser- und Hygiene-Labor ist fachlich an das Institut angeschlossen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.
Oberarzt für Gefäßchirurgie (m/w/d)
Das Zentrum für Gefäß- und Endovascularchirurgie (Stellenplan 1-1-7, 5-8) verfügt an zwei Standorten über ca. 55 Betten und 15 OP Säle/Woche, es werden jährlich etwa 3.000 Operationen und Gefäßinterventionen durchgeführt. Der Klinikdirektor verfügt über die volle Weiterbildungsermächtigung für Gefäßchirurgie (48 Monate) und common trunk (24 Monate). Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

Oberarzt Kinderchirurgie (m/w/d)
Die Kinderchirurgie ist in die Klinik für Viszeral-, Tumor-, und Kinderchirurgie integriert. Es wird das gesamte Spektrum der Viszeralchirurgie durchgeführt mit jährlich ca. 3.500 operativen Eingriffen. Insbesondere sind die Tumorchirurgie und die Minimal Invasive Chirurgie wichtige Schwerpunkte mit hoher Operationsfrequenz. Stellenplan der Klinik für Viszeral-, Tumor- und Kinderchirurgie: 1-10-15. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.


Qualitäts- und Risikomanager (m/w/d)*

Qualitäts- und Risikomanager (m/w/d) der Klinik
Das Schwerpunkt-Krankenhaus mit ca. 500 Betten bietet Ihnen interessante Aufgaben für Ihr Fachgebiet und dazu Möglichkeiten zur beruflichen Entwicklung. Wir laden Sie ein zur Mitgestaltung und Entwicklung des Qualitätsmanagements... weiterlesen


Facharzt Anästhesie (m/w/d)*

Facharzt Anästhesie (m/w/d)In dem Akutkrankenhaus mit ca. 150 Betten suchen wir einen Facharzt
für Anästhesie. Ihre Arbeitsplätze sind modernst ausgestattet, die Arbeitszeitmodelle sind sehr familienfreundlich. Profitieren Sie von
der ausgezeichneten, interdisziplinären Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Fachgebieten in diesem Haus... weiterlesen


Assistenzarzt Gynäkologie (m/w/d)*

Für das 200 Betten Akutkrankenhaus suchen wir einen interessierten AA Assistenzarzt Gynäkologie (m/w/d)
Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe. Sie erhalten viele Angebote zu Fort- und Weiterbildung, die Arbeitszeitmodelle sind familienfreundlich, auch Teilzeit möglich... weiterlesen 


* For MDs applicants 

For your application you will need a German language certificate: level C1 for medical doctors and B2 for nurses as well as for assistants.

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